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I realize not all my blog readers are participating in the Bible Reading Challenge. I think I've said before I don't think its something everyone should do. One reason being that its hard to do in depth word studies when we place a time restriction on ourselves. The most important thing is that all of us are in The Word daily. How much?-- Well, thats between you and Him.
But keeping in mind that not everyone is doing "our challenge", I hope to keep a fair balance of posts on other topics-- though I hope you all can gain from our journey through the Bible.
Remember friends, as we're headed into this new year, that God is seeing the big picture that we are not. Pray for the Lord to give you a revelation of eternity. Pursue those things of eternal value. I've run across a few links over the last few days, that I deem worthy to be pondered and shared. All pertain, in my opinion, to the start of a new year as we re-focus our hearts and minds on new or revised (and hopefully worthy) goals and ambitions.
10 predictions for 2010 --a short list that helps "keep it all in perspective".
When Social Media is Distracting -- A thought provoking look at virtual versus personable communication
Death is Not Dying -- The testimony of a woman who passed away from cancer last July. I highly recommend watching this. Take the time, sit down (maybe even with a pen and paper), and listen to these incredibly wise words. If this doesn't help give you eternal perspective, I don't know what will. It will inspire you in your Bible reading. It convicted me even more of my lack of a servant's heart. (HT: hope road blog)
Through trials and joys-- may this be the best year yet. Cheers to 2010!


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Rachel M. said...

Your blog, Kaylene, is such a blessing. :) I awarded you with the fresh squeezed award over at my blog!
God bless you!

Rachel M. from Hopejourney

Anna said...

I love that you're doing the Bible reading program on your blog!

Happy New Year!

LeAnna said...

Oh, I totally understand the cry for eternal perspective. Just in the last 2 days I've heard of two very tragic deaths, and I've been thinking about this a lot.

Thanks for sharing the links, I'm going to check them out soon. Even though I'm not participating in this challenge, I so look forward to reading what all the Lord reveals to you and others.


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