This Journey

This journey of life is our own in that we are responsible before the Lord and no one else. Mine is His, though, in that its by Him and through Him that I have the grace to live.

THIS JOURNEY- sung by Sara Groves
When I stand before the Lord, I'll be
standing alone. This journey is my own.
Still I want man's advice, and I need
man's approval, but this journey is my own

Why would I want to live for man and pay
the highest price? What would it mean to
gain the world, only to lose my life?

So much of what I do is to make a good
impression. This journey is my own.
So much of what I say is to make myself
look better. This journey is my own

I have never felt relief like I feel it
right now. This journey is my own. 'Cause
trying to please the world it was breaking
me down, it was breaking me down

Now I live and I breathe for an audience
of one, now I live and I breath for an
audience of one. Now I live and I breathe
for an audience of one, 'cause I
know this journey is my own

You can live for someone else, and it
will only bring you pain. I can't even
judge myself. Only the Lord can say, "Well done."

Higher Ground!

This blog has seen better days.

I find it wonderful, that though I could honestly say I felt "satisfied completely" when I posted last, I'm completer that I was then. Hard to explain. I just can't reach the depths of His love. I can't describe the peace and blessing found in Him.

Training is going well. Time is passing so quickly. Homesickness has been nursed by wonderful letters, care packages, and "random" meetings with people who share my friends from back home.

I wish I had time tonight to sit down and write letters to those who've written and sent me love in a box. 'Til then, thanks peeps. And for the prayers too. Never realized how obviously God answers prayer. He's met my every physical need and is fulfilling my spiritual ones as well.

I'm pressing on the upward way,
New heights I'm gaining every day;
Still praying as I'm onward bound,

"Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
By faith, on Heaven's table land,
A higher plane than I have found;
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

My heart has no desire to stayWhere doubts arise and fears dismay;
Though some may dwell where those abound,
My prayer, my aim, is higher ground.

I want to live above the world,
Though Satan's darts at me are hurled;
For faith has caught the joyful sound,

The song of saints on higher ground.I want to scale the utmost height
And catch a gleam of glory bright;
But still I'll pray till Heav'n I've found, "Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

The Face

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When I am faithless, He is faithful.
When mine fail, His plans prevail.
When I fail, His mercy endures.
Without Him, I am nothing.

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