I'm Grateful

Many hellos and too many goodbyes
pain. mistakes. joy. overcoming.
Reminiscent of the year 2009

Family and friends.  The Discipleship program.  Living with the Grandparentals. A truckload of Propel. Street and door to door evangelism. Saying a temporary good bye to Uncle Chuck.  Carenet pregnancy centers. Meeting new people.  The Coast. [my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. place on earth]  Eating fresh crab for the first time.  [it was h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e.] Bought another Honda.  Laura comes to visit.  Mission conferences.  Meaningful time with missionaries. Thousands of photos.  6 months away from home.  Driving with my bro, 1500 miles cross country- going home.  Camp nurse for Good News Camp.  Fourth trip to Mexico in 3 years. Home again. Back to Oregon for Family vaca.  Home again.  Trips to the city with Alana. Home again. Caregiver for the elderly.  Colorado for Thanksgiving. Home again.


5 Reflections:

Mark said...


my favorites are you with the statue, and the kids at camp.

Abbie said...

Love. this. video! What a sweet, reminiscent look at your year.

I loved ALL of the them, but my favorite picture was the black and white of all the friends sitting in a line. How lovely!

Melinda said...

Such a good way to remember God's goodness throughout the year! I loved it. :)
And, YES, the Oregon coast is the best! ;) 'course I'm mighty biased, but I had MANY awesome memories from there. Haven't had crab though. ;P
I'm sooo glad that I got to meet you while you and I were both in Oregon away from home. :) It has been a joy to correspond and get to know you. Hope that trip to go up and see you/you come and see me happens sometime in 2010!!
Sorry, that was rambily. :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet collection of pics. :) I love the ones of you and the kids. (every one of them) Glad to hear you had a blessed year, I miss you a lot!

Kaylene said...

Mark, hah, you probably actually know a little more story to that camp picture than just any passerby :)

Abbie, I'm glad you liked it! seriously. I spent (too) much time on it, but loved every minute of the memories.

Melinda, even though its not captured by pictures (why didn't we think of that???) you were a very cheery part of my 2009 and hopefully the years to come!

Christin, I MISS YOU TOO. I sincerely hope to make it over your way soon.

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