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Look Up

Its so easy to forget. In the middle of the conversation with a total stranger its easy to forget my available Resource. When confronting someone about their spiritual beliefs is easy to forget to 'Look up'.

Sometimes I hesitate to say something for fear I don't know enough about it. Other times I hesitate to quote or look up a scripture, afraid that I might not be able to quote it correctly or find where its at in the Bible.

But today? Today was amazing. GOD is amazing. Words just aren't adequate. Alex and I were talking to a young man who came from a Catholic background, but had long ago given up on living a "religious" life. Alex shared that she also use to be in a Catholic home and so our conversation started off with some good conversation and testimony with opportunity to just relate to the young man in a simple sort of way.

The conversation proceeded and he indicated that he didn't believe that God exists. Immediately a verse came to mind. "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God."
I wished I knew where it was in Scriptures, so I could read it as God's Words and not just me accusing him (the young man) of being a fool.

These thoughts passed through my mind so quickly, but next thing I knew I was opening my Bible and thinking "If God wants me to read it, He'll show it to me."

I kid you not, the most incredible thing happened. I opened right up to Psalm 14:1 and it was the first verse that my eyes saw. I was floored. I doubt I will ever, ever forget that reference after today. I KNEW at that point that God wanted me to read the verse. I wasn't even sure it would fit in our conversation, but I knew that verse was for him. So I read,
"The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, no one." [Ps.14:1-3]

We were able to proceed with the conversation and I shared the entire Gospel. But only after that point. Only after I opened the Word, obeyed the promptings to read, and just let the Lord speak through me. There's no telling what kind of impact that time was in that young man's life. But I KNOW God's word will not return void. Don't forget. Look up. God is there listening in. God is seeking to use you. Listen up!
photo caption: my friend Soryn

A Little Update

I've been been up here for four months already ? Crazy. I guess time is flying because I stay so busy, because its definitely not because I don't miss home. I love it up here though. Especially now that the warm weather is here. I'm a happier person when the sun is shining.

Yuck. I'm typing on the library computer and the last person to use the keyboard had grimy hands.hehe. Oo. I need a wipey.

Today we held scripture signs on street corners. Its fascinating to see different people's different responses. Some will cuss us out or give us a thumbs down. Others will yell out their window "I love Jesus!" or "God bless you" and its always fun to wave at the horn honkers. But I'm learning to tell the different sorts apart. The people who smile and shake their heads "no" at the same time are most likely new age or Buddhist. They don't agree but its cool to believe whatever you want. So they smile. Then there's the devil worshipers who praise Satan. They turn up their rap and hang out the window and yell profanities in his name. Its amazing how a sign that simply says "Trust in Jesus" can cause so much division. I long for the day when every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We have a conference coming up this weekend. The conference grounds (on the beach!) are maxed out. I'm looking forward to an edifying time and a break from routine.

So some prayer requests if you think about it, would be:
--that the conference goes smoothly and stress-free for those who are organizing it and sharing testimony or teaching.

--that the Lord would show me how long I should stay up here after the training is over.

And if you want a personal challenge this week, here it is. Get in to the Word of God. And if you already are, read more than you usually do. I'm telling you, its alive!! and to read it is never a waste of time.

Unsorted Thoughts

-- I love the book of Hebrews.

-- Please pray that the two athiests I talked to today will find Jesus.

-- Happy Birthday Jebby (!!!)

-- Home is where my mom is.

-- Praise God my car runs.

-- Malawi elections are coming up

-- I know my Redeemer liveth

-- I feel like cuddling a baby.

--Love lifted me.

A Lesson From Lewis

I pulled this from the archives of my old blog. I've been thinking about this lately.

“...Take the case of a sour old maid, who is a Christian, but cantankerous. On the other hand, take some pleasant and popular fellow, but who has never been to church. Who knows how much more cantankerous the old maid might be if she were not a Christian, and how much more likeable the nice fellow might be if he were a Christian? you can’t judge Christianity simply by comparing the product in those two people; you would need to know what kind of raw material Christ was working on in both cases.” --C.S Lewis

I think its important to remember that all believers are being conformed into Christ's image, and so we shouldn't make excuses for sin in our lives or anyone else's. But there's a tremendous amount of gratitude I feel when I give a little understanding and longsuffering towards my brother or sister in the Lord. May the Lord give me grace to manifest forbearance towards others. "For the love of Christ constraineth us..."

Krysta and the Whale

My cousin Krysta (who is hearing impaired) informed me that her interpreter at school had told her all about the story of Jonah being eaten by a fish. The conversation continued on like this...

: Do you think it was a whale that ate him?

: Well, the Bible just tells us it was a 'big fish'.

: Oh, well, I'm pretty sure it was a whale, because whales don't have taste buds and they eat anything...

I got a kick out of that, and now I'm wondering... Do whales have tastebuds? I think I'm going to go google it. Good night.

PS.... thought you might be interested to see my research results...
"Whales do not have many taste buds, and those present have atrophied or degenerated. They have not been well studied."

There you have your little bit of Whale Ed for the day. I wonder if this is enough to build a theological premise for what it was that specifically swallowed Jonah. Fascinating.

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