What's It All About?

There are some things more important to me than wit when it comes to blogging. I remember back when I wrote about my issues with blogging, and saying that I might post someday one the reasons I do blog. Someday has come. As I'm sure you've all been waiting for it with bated breath. Sorry to keep you waiting. Its really quite simple.

I don't blog just to vent.
I don't blog like I journal.
I don't blog for comments.
I don't blog because I think its important that my voice be heard.


Yes, blogging is therapeutic.
Yes, blogging is a fun way to 'keep record'
Yes, comments are extremely rewarding.
And yes, it is somewhat gratifying to think I'm getting my opinion 'out there'.

There are multiple little reasons that I think blogging is worthwhile. But what it really comes down to, is this: My testimony.

I've read a lot of blogs. Too many really. And I've wished mine were a lot of different things. But really? The only thing I've got to offer the world, is what Jesus is doin' in me. Sometimes I post about life, with little reference to "this is what I learned". But that too is part of 'me'. God uses circumstances to shape a person, yes?

I'll be completely honest. My motives for clicking 'publish post' on every individual post, can vary quite a bit. I probably couldn't even tell you exactly why I post certain things I do. Sometimes, I've got extended family in mind-- knowing they like to keep up with my family. [ Hi Grandma!! :) ]

But the reason I keep on blogging? I blog, hoping you see Jesus in me. That what He's teaching me, teaches you too. That my daily life will encourage someone else, maybe just because they can know they're not the only one. There's a sense of indebtedness I have, to the authors of the blogs or books I read, to which I am able to say, "ah, yes, I know exactly how she feels. I am not alone."

I've come thiiis close to quitting. And then someone says, "such and such post really encouraged me." Or I find out that someone who doesn't know Jesus is reading my blog! That's what keeps me going. And I really enjoy keeping going.


5 Reflections:

Melinda said...

I can see Jesus through you, Kaylene. I have found much encouragement and inspiration from your blog! Thanks for keeping it up!

Love you!
I am one of your fans :)!!

Anonymous said...

Kaylene, That is an inspiring post that can be used in our day to day life to "keep on going". Because Jesus is trully who it is all about. Thanks for posting once again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaylene, I am always looking for family news from you on your blog. Please don't stop-Grandma Joy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melinda, Kaylene, your blog posts have ALWAYS been encouraging, convicting, and/or simply a blessing to read. There many things that the Lord has been able to tell me through something that he told you, and you posted. (if that makes sense.) I also agree, it is a neat way to keep up with you since I don't get to see you often. :)


Abbie said...

Good reasons to blog :) The best, really.
Keep it up!

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