Fall Give-Aways

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's been quite the smattering of blog give-aways lately. I thought I would let you in on a couple.

-- My friend Melinda is hosting a Marie-Madeline Studio give-away for a $35 gift certificate! All you have to do is go and comment here, and tell her Kaylene sent you. Then you can get repeated chances my telling your friends. So GO comment! And while you're at it, check out Melinda's whole blog. She's pretty new to the blogosphere, but is already an ol' pro!

EDIT :: here's a rule I missed-- be sure and let me know if you entered because for everyone of you who enters, I get another chance. :-P and you can do the same on your blog, or by email!

--Another one that I found through Kate, is hosted by Leanna. She is giving away a pretty lil' gift bundle. Go here to see details and leave a comment, saying what your favorite thing about fall is.

So as the word is around here, Happy Fall Ya'll. I hope you win ;-)


2 Reflections:

LeAnna said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway and blogging about it! I really enjoyed reading the post below this. You summed it up quite nicely, and it seems like there are so many who are feeling exactly the same way in the bloggin' world. I agree whole heartedly, that our testimony (of the goodness of the Lord!) should be prevalent in more than just our verbal speech, but the written, too. I praise God that there are women (young and old) who still desire that Christ, and Christ alone be exalted through them. It's a proverbial breath of fresh air, so keep it up!

Melinda said...

Hey Kaylene, thanks for blogging about it, since you blogged about it, you can comment again on my blog telling me you did. :) So as to enter yourself again. :)
and thanks for the kind words. :)

Love ya!

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