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Bible Reading Challenge 1.26.10

I was behind most of last week on my reading. I think, if I've calculated right, I'm at least mostly caught up. I'm reading in Numbers and Matthew right now. Leviticus was a good challenge for me. I was struck by how many times God told the people "I AM THE LORD" following giving them a command. I was reminded that the very fact that He is LORD is enough of a reason to obey. I don't have to understand, I don't have to have all my questions answered first. Obedience is what opens the door for understanding.
 “All God’s revelations are sealed to us until they are opened to us by obedience. You will never get them open by philosophy or thinking. Immediately you obey, a flash of light comes. Let God’s truth work in you by soaking in it, not by worrying into it. Obey God in the thing He is at present showing you, and instantly the next thing is opened up. We read tomes on the work of the Holy Spirit when… five minutes of drastic obedience would make things clear as a sunbeam. We say, “I suppose I shall understand these things some day.” You can understand them now: it is not study that does it, but obedience. The tiniest fragment of obedience, and heaven opens up and the profoundest truths of God are yours straight away. God will never reveal more truth about Himself till you obey what you know already. Beware of being wise and prudent."         .Oswald Chambers.

I really don't have a good reason as to why I have been behind, but let me tell you, there are some who do have reason, and for all I know they are caught up and maybe ahead, I'm not sure.
Sarah K. one of our participants, is enduring a painful trial right now.She's a sweet friend, whom I know personally. She's been faithful to email me once a week to let me know how her Bible reading is going.  A week or so ago she burnt her hand with boiling water and steam. She has 3rd degree burns and is in the stage of recovery that is extremely painful. Pray for pain relief and for her spiritual vigor to endure through this trial.
Kate had a baby girl! She is absolutely a doll, according to pictures. Her blog is set to private, but she enjoys meeting new people so if you send her a request I'm pretty sure she'll approve you. Can you imagine doing all this reading with a newborn? Well, like I said, I don't know where she's at in her reading, but the fact that she started out with the intention of reading that much, is bravery to me.
Also Renate (find all these names in the sidebar for their links) is attending her first semester of college and attempting the reading challenge. I think so many of you have more on your plate than I do, which is really inspiring to me. Pray for each other-- pray for me! :-)
PS... If you haven't already, you only have 4 days left to vote on the poll. Thanks to those of you who have voted and even let me know who you were and why you voted what you voted. Interesting results to say the least. I plan to share with you why I chose that topic, my personal testimony, and what I would have voted if I had voted. So be watching for some more opportunity to discuss the subject!


3 Reflections:

Kate said...

Ouch! burns are so painful. Will keep her in my prayers.

I'm glad I got a head start reading. I've been able to read as nap times allow...
I'm reading in Leviticus and Matthew right now. I'm learning and enjoying His word. Its been a long time since I've plowed through the OT.

If I get behind I'm not going to fret. God has so graciously given us this little girl to enjoy and that we are! :)

Melinda said...

Loved that quote by Chambers! So good and so true!
I'll be praying for you and the others! :)

Abbie said...

I've been behind too - with no good excuse, considering how everything in my life pales in comparison to God's Word - or should! It's so easy for me to get a skewered perspective. But this challenge has blessed me greatly, and I'm determined to see it through!!

Praying for all the participants!!

Abbie :)

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