Today is Her Birthday

Hopefully everybody has a friend like Anna. She's the kind of person you can be yourself around, even if you're loud and silly. If you ever feel like talking about yourself, go have a chat with her, because she gives you all the opportunity you need to spill life's joys and trials. You'll leave still wondering what she's been up to lately, because for the last 5 hours, you've talked about you.
5 and half years ago -- though I can't believe its been that long-- her dad flew her, my dad, and I out to Zion Nat'l Park in Utah and we had a 3 day hiking and rappelling adventure. Even those moments when I thought I was going to die, I look back on with fondness. : ) Good memories. Good friends.

[Song: You've Got a Friend in Me]

Some of my best adventures ever have been with Anna-- Everything from rappelling to "fighting" over potato chip flavors. I hope we have many more. : )
Happy Birthday Anna! Hope this years your best yet!
Love Always,


8 Reflections:

Anonymous said...

This makes me really want to go back to Zion and finally make it to Angel's Landing. I usually go with one friend or two but we almost never make Angel's because of time or some other reason. This year we'll make it! In fact it will be the first hike we'll have to take.

Anonymous said...

Oh and happy birthday to your friend btw

Kaylene said...

you should definitely make sure to do it. When you get to the top, looking down is almost surreal. Its incredible. I love ZNP. Wish I could go there more often.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna ~ It sounds like you are a very special person. May the Lord bless this next year in your life.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and my burn. Over the last 2 days my blisters have been going down, and this morning I woke up with no more fluid!! My fingers are still uncomfortable (itchy/"burny"), so please pray for me if you think about it - especially that I won't have any trouble regaining finger movement, and I won't get any infection.

~ Sarah K

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday, Anna!! :)

Anna said...

Thank you so much for the thoughtful post, Kaylene! That was so much fun to watch. You are a great friend.

Thanks to the rest of you for the birthday wishes as well!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! You sound like someone very wonderful to know. :) Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Hope you have a wonderful day. You are a great friend, and a wonderful person to be around! I wish I got to see you more!
Kaylene, what a great video! :) The pictures, combined with the music (perfect choice) was really sweet. :)


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