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Bible Reading Challenge 1.09.10 + ten million other things I'm thinking about right now.

Hello my friends,
How has the new year been for you thus far? Blogging time has gotten away from me, but I'm very thankful for the amount of work hours I've had. And the amount of reading time!

I'm on in to Exodus at the moment. I'm always challenged by how the Lord used Moses, even though he showed signs of unwillingness and complained of incompetence. Its the Lord who gives purpose and grants success.

I'm excited for the fact that I've been reading reports of several participants who are already experiencing growth and encouragement from their reading. And I can most definitely say the same.

This happens a lot in my reading, but I'm hung up on a particular story back in Genesis-- The all too familiar Isaac and Rebekah story. I think I may post my thoughts on that in its own post. We'll see.

I'm making headway with my memory work -- the first chapter of James has proved to be a good sort of challenge to me spiritually, more than it is mentally challenging to memorize. Uh, does that make any sense?

Please be in prayer for my friends Marcus, Laura, Daniel, and Alana. They just headed off to Nepal with three others, to minister to youth by way of discipleship themed conferences. As there are a lot of unknowns about their trip, I know they would appreciate your prayers.

Also, please note that today is my lovely friend Laura's 23rd birthday. And yes, she's the Laura that just left for Nepal. So since I won't get to say this personally, I'll say it with the whole world reading-- Happy birthday abroad, Laura Lou!

Ok, back to the reading challenge-- If you've posted about how its going ,why don't you leave a link to it in a comment below. Thanks to those of you who've emailed-- Hope to send a return note soon. If you would rather email then comment or post, feel free to help yourself stay accountable and encourage me at the same time :  kaylenelise[at]yahoo.com (or if you happen to have my private email thats fine too)

PS... Don't save Leviticus for last. Or Numbers for that matter. Just a suggestion. ;)


12 Reflections:

LeAnna said...

I love how everything in the old testament is a type and shadow of what Christ was going to do, it never ceases to amaze me!

Kaylene said...

AMEN. I saw a lot of the foreshadowing like I never had before, last year when I was reading straight through. Incredibly intricate parallelism. Love it.

Anna said...

It is amazing! And the rebellion of God's people, the Israelites, are...ouch. The way God's church acts now! A lot!
I have much to learn from the OT!

Here's my post:


Kaylene said...

Anna, very true. and what gets me is that we think that if God will just do something incredible for us, or answer our prayers in literal ways, that we will never doubt or reject Him-- and yet the children of Israel kept rebelling even after His mighty deeds! Thanks for the link to your post, I'm headed over to read it right now.

Eden and Sara said...

It's been such a blessing reading through the Bible. The time limit has been helpful in keeping me motivated and consistent. You can read about my progress here: http://www.heirsofpromise.net/2010/01/matthew-544-challenge.html This post was written about almost a week ago but I should be writing an another update soon. ~Blessings, Eden

Kaylene said...

I agree Eden! SUCH a blessing.Good to read your progress. Looking forward to keeping tabs on it.

Melinda said...

I am so enjoying reading through the Bible. I hate to say this, but this is my first time ALL the way through. I like to read different books throughout the Bible. But this has been so encouraging so far and I am thrilled to be going through it with SO many people.

Renate said...

This is my first time all the way through as well! I really am enjoying it!
I'm on track with the reading, but not really on track with blogging about the reading...
Anyway, for what it's worth, here are the links.
Introduction to the challenge
Genesis Review

Kaylene said...

Great to hear from ya'll! I tend to like to skip around in my daily reading too, which I think is why the 6 month challenge to read through, made such an impact on me last year. (so much so, that I'm doing it again!)

And hey, reading is #1. If you don't have time to blog about it, thats more than ok. But I sure am encouraged reading everyone's progress.

Sarah H said...

As I have been reading the story of the Isreal as they come out of Egypt I see so much of myself in them. I see my life in there journy. I see that though God is leading me to somthing wonderful, I am complaining about the road he has me on. Will I ever learn?

cassie said...

I have been skipping around I guess I didn't realize that we were reading it straight through. I'm reading in mark right now. My relationship has grown much over the past few weeks with the lord. I also have one of the girls I teach on Wednesday nights at church she is reading with me. Such encouragement to hear how everyone is doing.

Kaylene said...

Sarah, me too. Me too.

Cassie, Its actually up to every individual on where they want to start reading. Many just chose to start in Genesis and read through that way. Glad to hear an update and that a friend is doing it with you!

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