A Little Update

I've been been up here for four months already ? Crazy. I guess time is flying because I stay so busy, because its definitely not because I don't miss home. I love it up here though. Especially now that the warm weather is here. I'm a happier person when the sun is shining.

Yuck. I'm typing on the library computer and the last person to use the keyboard had grimy hands.hehe. Oo. I need a wipey.

Today we held scripture signs on street corners. Its fascinating to see different people's different responses. Some will cuss us out or give us a thumbs down. Others will yell out their window "I love Jesus!" or "God bless you" and its always fun to wave at the horn honkers. But I'm learning to tell the different sorts apart. The people who smile and shake their heads "no" at the same time are most likely new age or Buddhist. They don't agree but its cool to believe whatever you want. So they smile. Then there's the devil worshipers who praise Satan. They turn up their rap and hang out the window and yell profanities in his name. Its amazing how a sign that simply says "Trust in Jesus" can cause so much division. I long for the day when every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We have a conference coming up this weekend. The conference grounds (on the beach!) are maxed out. I'm looking forward to an edifying time and a break from routine.

So some prayer requests if you think about it, would be:
--that the conference goes smoothly and stress-free for those who are organizing it and sharing testimony or teaching.

--that the Lord would show me how long I should stay up here after the training is over.

And if you want a personal challenge this week, here it is. Get in to the Word of God. And if you already are, read more than you usually do. I'm telling you, its alive!! and to read it is never a waste of time.


4 Reflections:

Anonymous said...

It is SO great to hear an update from you Kaylene!
I too long for the day that every knee will bow. Many times I find myself thinking, "Oh I am SO ready for Jesus to come back." Yet other times I find myself hoping that yet another person will be able to experience his saving grace before he comes.
I am taking your challenge, and will read more than I normally do in God's Word. Love you!


Kaylene said...

Thanks Christin. Your comments always cheer me. I miss and love you!

Melinda said...

I'll be praying for you, Kaylene! I miss you!


Kaylene said...

thank you so much, Melinda. I really need the prayers. I miss you too!

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