Loving This Living

Well I wouldn't trade my journey with the Lord
For anything this world could afford.
He fills my heart with laughter
He's my now and ever after.

Weeeeell, I'm lovin' this livin' for the Lord.
I'm findin' all I need in Him and so much more!
I'm standin' here confessing
I'm addicted to the blessing
of a life with an eternal reward
now I know that I'm forgiven
and I have a home in heaven
and I'm lovin' this livin' for the Lord.

I awaken every morning and I see
all the bounty of the Lord surrounding me.
my heart is overflowing
and I can't keep it from showing.

Okay. I know its weeks past Thanksgiving now but I've been having some very Thanksgiving-ish thoughts lately and I'm thankful for those thankful thoughts, because I know its important to be thankful all year round. Right? Right. God is blessing me with these feelings of gratitude by revealing how blessed I truly, 'uly am.

Weekend before last I went with a group from several churches to a prison for a Christmas church service. I didn't do much. I stood in line with the other visitors and shook many, many hands belonging to the inmates. Some of these men looked worn out, others appeared to be the macho type, and others struck me to be the type that may have been business professionals in their past. Almost all seemed affected by our presence, the gospel message, and our very simple gift of shaking their hands and wishing them well. Realization #1 : I take my friends for granted. My home life and physical circumstances. I take my freedom to make my own decisions for granted and I had been taking my freedom in Christ for granted! I'm so thankful for my salvation. The excitement is re-awakened in my heart, of what it was exactly Christ did/does for me. Can't explain what I learned that weekend. And that's ok. Its something the Lord can work in your own heart.

This last weekend I was involved with a free photo shoot at the pregnancy center I've been learning and working at. We had 16 families represented so we had a fairly good turnout. Ok, in reality we couldn't have done any more than that. We had a really good turnout. Some of the clients are from broken homes, wives who are separated from their husbands for one reason or another and/or financially burdened homes. Realization # 2: I take my family for granted. I take for granted that they all are alive, well, and living in the same home with me. I think about these things sometimes, but its refreshing to be reminded yet again and let it motivate me to treat my family like I appreciate them (I fail in this area way too often) and to be truly thankful.

Realization Summerization: I take a lot for granted. Hit me over the head with that next time I complain, ok?
lyrics: Brian Free and Assurance


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When I am faithless, He is faithful.
When mine fail, His plans prevail.
When I fail, His mercy endures.
Without Him, I am nothing.

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