Polling Christmas

Please vote in my poll that's in the side bar. These can be so fun and the results extremely interesting. You can check more then one answer, but please don't select conflicting answers as to make the poll's results an inaccurate representation of its readership =)

If none of the answers apply to you, or if you just feel the need, please expound in a comment under this post.

The poll is designed out of curiosity-- nothing more, so have fun with it!


7 Reflections:

Alison said...

Hey! This is your cousin Alison V. (I had to create a blog for a class.) How did you make the poll? It's a good idea.

Christy and Allyson said...

HI!!! (This is Christy) Just wanted to let you know that I voted on your poll. You said to please explain if I chose the last question. Well although we do have a tree and lights, we don't celebrate them. They just help us get into the Christmas Spirit.:) But we do celebrate Jesus's birth. I hope I explained everything ok. I love your new sight!!!! Got 2 Go!!!

Kaylene said...

Alison! so great to hear from you! I'll head over to your blog and give a description best I can on how to do the poll thingy.

Hi Christy, thats a great explanation. I know what you mean. Thanks for taking the time to share!

PS... to everyone who hasn't voted yet: the poll is open for several more days. normal posting is back on track but feel free to continue leaving your thoughts here and/or voting.

Shieldmaiden said...

Hi! I voted.
I do not celibrate it because it is a VERY pagan and discusting 'holiday'. Sick, sick, sick!
It also is not Jesus' birthday. Jesus was born around Sep. and Oct.
Anyway, I gave my two bits about it!
The vote thing is really neat!

Anonymous said...

I voted on your blog, and have read the other comments. I, that is, my family and I, celebrate Christmas because it is a time when we can remember what Christ did for us when he came as a baby. Whether it was in Sept. or Oct., or December, (I don't think anyone can say for sure) we can still thank God for the mercy he showed us. We don't celebrate Santa Clause, or the trees, but celebrate Jesus. The trees are a fun thing to do, and so is all the decorating, but Christmas really is, as so many songs say, found in the heart. We celebrate it not because that was the exact day when Christ was born, but because it helps us to reflect, and remember what Christ did for us on the cross, in the manger, and when he rose again. Unlike Halloween, I think that Christmas still ahs some good in it. (although they are trying to take it out)Anyway, I hope you have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

My family doesn't celebrate it, and this year any money from Grandparents we get is going to families truly in need of Christ's love. I post on my stand about Christmas, but if you're going to read the post, make sure you read the comments. Interesting discussion. :) http://aponderingheart.com/blog/?p=1003

Thanks for stopping by A Pondering Heart. Nice to meet you. :)

Part of the family... said...

In reference to the poll, I say, “other,” because I would have to select “conflicting” selections from the other options. As many of the traditions of celebrating “Christmas” ( even the timing and reason for celebrating) do have their roots in paginism, I would have to select # 4. Yet, since so many other Christians continue to celebrate in various ways I have begun to use this time to reemphasize with my family and church the significance of Christ coming as a baby (why didn’t he just show up as a man?). In a sense this has become a tradition (so I would select #2), yet as a family we don’t do the same thing every year so I’m not sure it can be called a tradition. And, we sure love being together with extended family at this time of year (when we can), gifts or no gifts (and I don’t remember ever leaving out the food.), but I wouldn't want try to spiritualize all these things in the name of Christmas.

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