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Happy Saturday!
I was just briefly going through my google feed reader when I came across my friend Melinda's post. In it, she very honestly, but sweetly shares of sister Rachel and their relationship. It blessed me this morning so I thought I would send my readers over to read it.
Interesting tidbit about Melinda and I. We met in Oregon. I was visiting a home fellowship one Sunday and I had shared where I was from. A couple (and their daughter, Rachel) came up to me afterwards asking me if I knew a family that used to be from my area. I did. Come to find out this couple was from Oklahoma! We kept talking and realized we had even more mutual friends (mostly thanks to the homeschool scene). It was such a treat to talk of friends from home after being away for several months. Anyways, Melinda's mom told me she had a daughter my age, so I gave her my contact info, sincerely hoping to hear from Melinda sometime. Melinda promptly emailed me... and the rest is history! Melinda is a sweet friend, and though we haven't gotten to spend as much time together as we would have liked, we stay in touch, and I'm thankful.
I'm off to finish my laundry and cleaning this messy room so I can escape this afternoon to a quiet place somewhere to do a little a lot of Bible reading* and photo-editing.
*only eleven days left! where are you? how can I be praying for you?


5 Reflections:

LeAnna said...

I'll give this post a hearty Amen. Love that Melinda!

Eden said...

I'm still a bit behind. Right now, I'm 86% finished so I'm working hard to finish on time. :( Please pray that I'll be able to finish on June 30th. Thanks, Kaylene!

Yelena said...

melinda sounds lovely.
going to check out her blog next :)
have a lovely weekend and even a lovelier time with that Bible reading :)

Kaylene said...

I'm praying Eden!

Melinda said...

*blush* thanks, Kaylene for the sweet words. I'm very honored. you're friendship has blessed me as well!!

I finished the Bible reading plan on Sunday!! I was so thrilled. :) :)

Love ya!

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