To Oregon and Back.... exactly one week.

I haven't done a picture post in quite awhile, and I took a bazillion or so photos on my trip last week, so I'd thought I'd post a few. The scenery on the way to Oregon, was scrumptious. The wedding was beautiful. And the company was, well... the company made the whole trip worth every cent and more. I'd take a week off work again in a heartbeat to be able to travel with my grandparents, attend my cousin's wedding, and fellowship with my dear friends in Bend, Oregon (where I took the Discipleship Training Program last year). Hope you can experience a tinge of my excitement and memories through these pictures.
Many thanks to my parents for loaning me the family vehicle for my trip. A tad bit of humor comes to play when you see its a minivan sporting a bumper sticker that says 'I love horses!' I happen to be the only one in my family whom that sticker does not speak for! But take note, a mini-van is the safest way for a young single gal to travel by herself. it seemed to scream 'married with kids'. Almost as good as having a man right next to you to protect you. Hehe.
These are my grandparents. They were so generous to let me ride along. (I drove a day by myself, to get to their house in Colorado and rode the rest of the way with them). It was so fun to hear family stories and share the memories of Ashley's wedding  and meeting up with old friends. I was reminded of the godly heritage I've been blessed with. Their hearts for God are tried and true.
Meet Julie. She was assigned to me as my 'accountability partner' during the training program. I don't think either one of us knew to expect such a precious and long lasting friendship out of the deal. I'm so thankful for her wise counsel and the fun times we've had.I was thrilled to stay a night with her and her family and do a little catching up.
This is Ashley: in two photos she's pictured with her new hubby Jose, and the other one she's pictured with her dad, my Uncle Greg. She was a stunning bride and it was such a happy day.
 I simply love to travel. Anyone want to take a trip? I promise it will be fun and interesting, and only occasionally embarrassing to travel with me. One night on our way back, we stopped in Ogden, Utah for the night. We went looking all over the place for a WalMart and much to my delight found a Super Target instead. It was almost closing time for them so it was kind of quiet for a big store. Oh and have I mentioned how much I love Super Target? Ehem, anyways. I buzzed through all the departments I love, out to prove I could do it in the same amount of time Grandma took to pick out her groceries. I finished and then tried to track her down. A nice young man with a red target apron asked me if he could help me find something. I was headed the opposite direction he was, but I slowly turned around as he made the offer and looked him in the eye. With many a mischievous thought running through my head, I said in a pitiful voice "Do you know where my grandma is?" He looked at me. Shook his head. and quietly said no. I purposefully laughed, hoping he would know I was teasing him. To this day, I'm not sure what was going through his head and it seems better left up to the imagination... So yeah, anyways... who's game? I'm ready to take another trip! :)
Oh and more pictures are here if you're interested.


7 Reflections:

Kate said...

Come see me!!! :) It wouldn't exactly be a trip together but it sure would be fun to visit once you got here!!! :)
ps. beautiful pics!

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

Love that first photo, the sepia one with the bright white roof. :)

I love traveling too! I think this summer we are actually going to make it to Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and maybe Oregon too. yay for loooong car rides!

Melinda said...

Thanks for the pictures. Hey, and I would totally go on a road trip with you, to Oregon or wherever. You should come to a homeschool convention with me. ;)

Aw, thanks for the pictures. I love and miss that mountain range. Waah.

That's "MY" Oregon! sniff, sniff. :)

Sarah H said...

I have Awaded you!

Abbie said...

Oooh, love the first picture. And the one of the stripes on the road.

I LOVE traveling. I'll be flying across the country by myself this summer, and I'm totally excited. But I really want to take a road-trip someday...

LOL - your Target story was hilarious!

Yelena said...

gorgeous photos!
i grew up in oregon, it really is beautiful! :)

thekingpin68 said...

I like the depth with the first three photos.

God bless you and family.


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