In Honor of Tax Day

[because paying my taxes is something I just really enjoy, and this day is so special to me *cough*]

I thought I'd take you to the archives. Two years ago, I gave you the play by play of my tax day. I go back and read it occasionally and laugh pretty hard remembering the details of that crazy day.

Don't go fishin' on tax return day.
This is my day,chronicled that all may learn from my mistakes. 

9 AM Leave to fish with Grandpa and Bro.

9:15 AM Drive up to the lake and think”wow, I haven’t taken off on a weekday morning just for fun, in so long…and I really don’t have time for it, but hey I deserve the break.” (go ahead. roll your eyes.)

10 AM Catch a whopper of a 4.5″ Bass

12 PM come home to finish filling out taxes

3 PM leave to go to former employer to request replacement for lost w-2 form. grin and bear the ribbing from past co-workers about filing late.

4 PM finally have w-2. Attempt to finish up paper work as Dad and I pull into post office parking lot.

4:05 PM Meet up with someone in P.O. parking lot. Hadn’t seen these people in a while. we talked.

4:15 PM finds me tapping my dad on the shoulder and asking “hey, did you ask the postmistress if they’re stamping late today?”

4:16 PM Dad says no and I run inside to ask. ” NO. 4:30!” she says.

4:18 PMHmmm. Should I take the time to counsel this postmistress who seems to be overwhelmed by this question she’s undoubtedly been asked millions of times today?” (j/k this was the last thing on my mind.)

4:20 PM sitting in car trying to read and figure out the japanese directions on an american 1040 form.

4:22 PM  dad’s back to help wrap this thing up. I write the check while I’m nodding my head in misunderstandment of what he’s explaining about what I did wrong.

4:25 PM cell phone rings {might i add, that cell phone service was down until that very moment this afternoon?} there’s a semi-plumberical emergency back at home. (something about a broken faucet, flooding bathroom)

4:26 PM Kaylene runs inside of post office so at least she’ll be inside of the locked door at 4:30.

4:28 PM borrow scissors, stapler and tape from the postmistress (wouldn’t ya know the envelope wouldn’t seal.)

4:29 PM post mistress counsels me. “You’ll be fine.”

4:30 PM My taxes are mailed.

Moral of the story: don’t go fishin’ on April 15th, or better yet and more commonly stated…don’t wait till the last minute to file your taxes.

This year I beat my record, but still got them in the mail on the very last day. I'm learning, slow but sure.
Photo caption: my photo, my pole, and my feet :)


5 Reflections:

LeAnna said...

Nothing like the nick of time. At the vet where I worked there was an accountant that rented one of our office spaces. He was a bit of a creepy old man, but he let me drink his Dr. Peppers AND he did my taxes for free. And really, who's going to argue with that?

Postal workers can be so unhelpful sometimes. Our post master wouldn't let me borrow tape one time. The nerve.

Anna said...

Somehow in life, I have been fortunate enough never to have to do my own taxes. My dad did them for me all during high school and college. Then, in the nick of time, I got married the year after I graduated from college, and now my husband does them.

Lizzy said...

lol... This is even funnier to me now.


Abbie said...

Haha - I mailed mine on the 14th. "FILL OUT 1040" was on my To-Do List for, oh, about 8 weeks prior.

Ah, procrastination. It's a living evil in my life =D

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, gracious! That was close. I'm glad you got them mailed on time!
Gotta love those taxes (ahem)!

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