[ insert synonym for busy ]

Someone needs to invent another word for busy. I'm tired of using that as an excuse for not blogging.
This week has been simply hectic. There, that will work.
I should probably number the following like so: excuse # 1, excuse # 2 etc.. but I'm not going to. Because I don't like to think of it that way. I would rather just pretend that you all actually care about what it was that occupied my time.
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday I worked as a caretaker.
On Monday, Thursday, and Saturday I had EMS continuing ed.
On Wednesday I taught ESL.
On Thursday I had a job interview for working on an ambulance service.
On Friday I had a Senior photo shoot.
On Saturday I had an all day EMS class.
*EMS = emergency medical services
*ESL = english as a second langauge

So guess what. When I woke up this morning to find that the roads were icy and I would have to reschedule an engagement photo session, as well as another appointment that I had out of town, I was not in the least bit disappointed. I mean, I'm  really tired. Imagine that. After my two hour nap this afternoon, and a good rest tonight, I ought to be ready to start another crazy busy week at 5:00 tomorrow morning.
To you who've emailed me in the past couple of weeks, and I have yet to respond-- sorry about that. I truly appreciate your thoughtful emails and what you have to share whether it be by way of email or comments.  I don't deserve you. Ya'll are the best.
Update on Bible reading challenge to come. For now, here are some photos from Friday's photo shoot. Feedback (+ or -) welcome.


4 Reflections:

LeAnna said...

Oh, I hear ya on life being just downright hectic some weeks. Seems like it's a constant state of affairs around here! ;) I love it when God applies the breaks to our lives, through various means of natural intervention, makes it feel legal to stop and breathe a sec. Great pictures, I'm loving that subtle sun flare in the first one.

Abbie said...

Girl, I'm totally with you on this. I have a love-hate relationship with busyness.

Have a wonderful week!

Melinda said...

Wow, you sound incredibly busy! :)

Have a blessed week!

Callie Nicole said...

The pictures are great! Thumbs up.

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