To Be a Woman

Another week. Another month. A month wherein I pass from the years of adolescence and into the twenties. I don't know whether this is extremely relevant. I mean, I sincerely hope that the marking of my twentieth birthday will symbolize a significant jump on the measuring stick of "maturity". But some how I doubt it. Thats ok. I'm content. I've tried to force it before when I felt everyone was poised and waiting expectantly for "my blossoming". An old, but appropriate analogy would be forcing a rose bud open. Petals tend to break off or wilt, because of meddling fingers and too much effort.

There are those days I miss being carefree as a child. We all enjoy our moments. (unless we really are still a kid, then we want nothing but to be an adult). Then there are the days I struggle to define myself as a true woman instead of a girl. To me, as a child, the word woman described someone with so much more grace, self-control, and wisdom than I possess right now.

Elisabeth Elliot's quote "maturity starts with the willingness to give of oneself" pretty much pins the crown on a true woman. I speak as an adult. I'm often mistaken for someone older than I am. But herein lies the struggle. I am more willing to give of my words, then my self. I am more willing to give of my words, than my time. Its the simple things--the day to day-- and the "little" opportunities I seem to be missing. Lord, open my eyes. Wake up O womanhood.


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Brittney Galloway said...

It is so hard during that transition stage from girl to woman, and it seems like it lasts a decade! I just hope and pray that during the transition I am a vision of grace and maturity, haha!

Melinda said...

great thoughts, Kaylene. I was so disappointed when I didn't immediately become the essence of maturity when I reached 20. I felt like I should have though. :) I really love the quote by Elisabeth Elliot, good stuff to ponder!

Love you! <3

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!! you are getting really really really really really OOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDD!!!!!! somebody should give you a cane for your birthday. ;D

~Anonymous in name only

Kathy said...

Beautiful post, Kaylene. I feel like God still has His work cut out, helping me to mature into the woman I want to be!

Kaylene said...

Brittany you and me both!

Melinda, yeah I highly doubt there will be any miracle transformation, and even if there is, I hope I'm not aware of it, if that makes sense. I just want to be comfortable with who God's made me to be and allow Him to do the molding.

Mr. Anonymous if you dare give me a cane I'll turn right around and give it back to you for YOUR 20th in a few months. :P

Kathy, THANK YOU for the affirmation. I wasn't sure if this made as much sense when I got it all in writing. And you are definitely a woman I respect for how you've allowed God to continually shape you in good times and bad. <3

royalblood said...

A flower doesn't blossom before its time.
Gods timing is always the best.
Maturity according to the standards of the world will never measure up.
But the internal changes ,the transformation of the Heart its like a tree planted near a river where roots run deep. When the time of shaking comes it will stand.Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understand ,in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.

Anonymous said...

This is my prayer too, Kaylene. Please remember though, His time IS best. Although we want womanhood to come quicker than it often does, He wants the best for you, and will bring it about when the time is right. The process of maturing doesn't really ever end I don't think. In my opinion, I think we continue to learn and grow until we go to be with the Lord.
I love you and miss you!

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