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I thought I'd join in the fun over at YLCF this week, by sharing the mundane details of a day in my life. The main emphasis is on being "real" and since, that is, after all, the theme and "punchline" of this here blog... I thought it would be cool to participate.

I was considering writing about my Monday this week, but then thought “No, I should pick a normal day to share about.” And then I had to ask myself-- what in the world is a normal day? My life is not exciting to the average passerby, but its rarely ever normal.

So without further ado, I am going to tell you about my Monday.

It started off rather normal. I mean its normal for the alarm clock to go off and its normal for me to not want to get up.

5:00 am: The alarm clock went off.

5:43 am: I woke up. If only good intentions counted in the end.

6:00-7:00 am: I was buzzing around getting ready for the day. Read the Psalm of the day. Ate very little for breakfast. Had a brief but pleasant conversation with Dad.

7:05 am: I headed out the door. I stopped in at the coffee shop to get my fix(es) for the day. Chai tea and a quick chat with my dear friend, the barista.

7:20 am: I'm on the road. I work as a care taker for the elderly in their homes. Lately I've been working for a sweet (& spunky!) elderly lady in a town about 40 minutes from mine.

8:00 am: Arrived.

Rest of the morning: I helped her with little projects around her house. She's quite motivated and keeps me on my toes. We took a trip to the post office and grocery store.

Afternoon & evening: she rested some which gave me a little free time. I did some reading and checked email. I read the end of Revelations. I'm also reading a devotional titled 'A Call to Die'. I'm daily being challenged. But its so much easier to read about dying to self and talk about dying to self, then to actually live about dying to self. I also took this free time to talk through some details with client for an up and coming senior portrait shoot.

When my lil' lady woke up, we went for a drive. We found some pretty fall scenes to take pictures of. She gets quite a kick out of my picture taking and seeing the pictures afterwards. Hey, its a win-win situation for me!! I brought the car to a stop and took a picture of an old antique pickup sitting in someone's yard. She laughed and said “You're easy to please!” maybe I am when it comes to that. I enjoy finding value in the simpler things. [maybe thats why I'm writing this post???]

8:00 pm: My sister showed up for her shift. I was looking forward to getting home. I had a lot to do before I hit the sack.

8:10 pm: I was on the road again

8:15 pm: I was randomly singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and thinking how amazing it was that the words never became dull or meaningless to me no matter how much I sing it. I was silent for awhile trying to remember the 3rd verse. And then I remember whispering a prayer. “Lord, thank you for this car. I'm so blessed to have a car that will get me from here to there safely and effeciently.” How ironic I thought later. But really, God was fixin' to teach me something.

8:15 pm: I was about 15 miles from home and had just gone through a small town. I was increasing back up to highway speed when all of a sudden I started losing speed and my gas pedal was not responding. I pulled over and stopped. I shut my car off and tried to restart it. It wouldn't start. I had a fleeting thought, “Thank you Lord for cell phones”.

8:25 pm: I reached into my purse and pulled mine out. No bars. I sat there for a minute, praying and turning the key. Praying and turning the key. Nothing. I hopped out of the car and stood behind my car, checking again for a cell phone signal. YES! One, then two bars. I called my daddy. To make a longer story shorter he was soon on his way. I sat in my car waiting for him. I knew the Lord was teaching me something. “Will you still know I'm faithful when something goes wrong?” “Will you still trust me when I don't provide a car that runs?”

I sang out loud and clear making sure the devil, the messenger of doubt, could hear me.










8:40 pm: A car pulled up behind me. A state trooper came to my window and asked if I was ok. [had he heard me singing??? ;)] I told him my dad was on the way so I was good to go.

8:43 pm: I had Dad on speaker phone. The trooper came back and offered to stay in the area till Dad got there. He paced in his patrol car between a half a mile in front of me to a half a mile in back of me.

8:50 pm: Trooper pulled up again and offered for me to get in his car with a heater. By this time Dad was close by so I declined but thanked him.

8:55pm: Dad showed up. Trooper shared his flashlight and then was on his way.

9:10 pm: We were back on the road! I actually thought it was a lot of fun being towed- steering and maintaining a speed that kept the tow rope tight.

9:30 pm: I “coasted” into the driveway. It was good to be home!

Sometimes my spunky side tries to find an adventure in everything. I'm a little impractical at times. While I was sitting in my car excitedly plotting what might happen next 'on this a dark and windy night', my mom was at home worrying. I wasn't really thinking about the implications of being broken down in the dark and alone on the side of the road. Looking back I can see that God was showing His faithfulness through the circumstances instead of taking me around them. How clearly this illustrates to me that His faithfulness is unchanging even though life always is. Someone please remind me of this when or if we can't get my car running again!! :)

Okay. So my car stalling on the side of the road, doesn't happen everyday. But if I'd take the time to slow down and think through every day, I think I would find God's faithfulness to be the reoccurring theme. So yes, there is something normal and consistent about my life, but it has nothing to do with me. Only Him.

Whew, long post. But hey. I'll make you a deal. You post about your "normal" day and leave a comment here telling me you did, and I promise to read it! You can enter it over there too. For those who don't have blogs, email me about your day !


10 Reflections:

Melinda said...

Wow. Great is HIS faithfulness! So true Kaylene!! I was hoping you would do this. :) About normal days...do they exist??? I mean, maybe someone else has normal days, but I never do! :)

The car stalling adventure...sorta exciting and not so fun at the same time! :) Good for the state trooper though.

And yeah, I did the peek inside your day too.

Anonymous said...

i like this post kaylene♥
o how i remember those car troubles! i will never forget those rides i had with you(o;

Kaylene said...

Yay Melinda! I'll be sure to read it! I hope I didn't bore ya'll out of my minds. I struggled with being too wordy...

Alex, LOL! Those days could be a post in themselves. We had scarier moments then being stalled on the side of the road. How 'bout in the middle of an intersection!! Wow, those were the days. I miss them.

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Crazy times for you, girlie! Thanks so much for posting... I love reading all of these!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that didn't bore me. :) Sounds like an adventure - I'm good at having those too!

Kaylene said...

glad it wasn't too boring. I'm cringing as I go back and see my typos etc.. but it really was fun to participate, regardless :) Thanks for stopping in!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing! I take care of an elderly lady and LOVE photography as well...so I totally related to your story! :)

Hannah Burnett said...

Thanks for sharing about HIS faithfulness, Kaylene!

By the way, I loved your fall pic! I have a 'thing' for old antique trucks too...just ask my family. ;)

Kaylene said...

Amy, so nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping in!

Hannah, great to hear from you!! I even had one of my senior pics taken on an old antique truck. I just think they're so photogenic! :)

Vanessa said...

Thanks for your comment over at my blog! I did a lot of in-home care for the elderly when I was a CNA, too. It was definitely one of the best jobs I ever had. Keep up the good work!

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