Of Snowflakes and Valentines.

I'm sitting next to a huge window at the library, watching the snow fall. Its a fun challenge to stare out the window and type at the same time and then look back at my screen and see how many words I did or didn't misspell.

I have so much to say I'm not sure why I started out with that intro except for the fact that I don't know where to else to start.

I was reminded that this weekend is Valentines day. I don't know what to think abut that. I feel rather ba-humby about this holiday this year, when its rare for me to even acknowledge its existance. I don't particularly like chocolate--not that I have an aversion to it. Flowers rate pretty high, and it doesn't even always have to be the thought that counts when it comes down to roses. I would probably accept flowers from my worst enemy. (not that I have one at the moment) Though they do smell nicer when coming from a friend. This is really of little importance, because valentine's day is supposed to be about romantic love. There's many who call it National Single's Awareness Day. I feel like thats a rather discontented attempt for "fairness" in the world, but I understand what they may be feeling. So. Mind if I ride the fence on this one?

There are kids that hang out on the streets of this city, every day. The same ones every day. I've met a lot of them now. Jesse and his sisters Autumn and Billy. Mocha and her boyfriend Robbie. China, Dillon, Echo and so many others. Their most common response to the gospel is "Can I still smoke weed if I'm a Christian?" We thank God for any question they ask, and pray for wisdom to answer it. He has been gracious. Friends are being made and not on shallow pretenses. One day we bought them all starbucks, but it wasn't to bribe them to listen. They already had. We're hoping our small efforts to share with them, will bear eternal fruit.

Did you know there is a difference between 'having the Holy Spirit in you' and 'being filled with the Holy Spirit' ? That's one of the first things that was made clear in my mind, when I first started classes here. Its fascinating really, and crucial to comprehending how Christ works in us.

My mom flew into the area last night, but I haven't seen her yet. She's still several hours away spending some time with extended family. I'll probably get to see her this weekend sometime.

The snowflakes are getting bigger. I just saw a lady walk by in capris and snow boots. This town has a very odd sense of fashion. Following right behind her was a lady in capris and flip-flops. Made the snow boot look seem the lesser of two evils. Did I mention its snowing? I'm not sure why I'm ending with this, but otherwise I just don't know when to stop. There's more to tell... but my thoughts are scattered. Often when an experience is over, its hard to summarize in words. Suffice it to say, that God is giving evidence of His existence and tender loving care for me.

More to come, but who knows when. If you would like to be added to my update mailing list email me @ kaylenelise@yahoo.com I've sent one update out since I've been here, if you got it, you're already on the list.


5 Reflections:

Rachel said...

Say hi to the snow for me!

Kate said...

I'm curious, what/how do you tell the weed users?

Anonymous said...

I understand your mixed thoughts. They seem to come like that to a lot of people (singles) during Valentines weekend. I have always liked flowers too. :)
Snow? I am so jealous! We have had snow twice here, and the first time I could'nt enjoy it much because I had strep throat, and the second time because we had to haul snow and pack it on the hill just so we would have enough to sled down it. I think we mostly got muddy. :)
I am praying that God will continue to bless you, and make you grow even closer to him than before.

Sweetpea said...

Snow?!? Wow...I bet thats nice. Its drrrYyyy here. Really dry. And I am wondering- what do you tell the weed smokers? I have an idea what i would say, but how would you put it?
Well, concerning the 'singles' thing...you can keep it! Haha! I got candy & other stuff from a guy that I really wish would fly off the face of the earth and leave me alone!
I hope you are enjoying the snow!

Kaylene said...

I think I may do a blog post about what we say to the kids... if not I'll come back and comment again here :D

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