Can I Smoke Weed?

I mentioned in the last post that many of the kids on the street whom we share the Gospel with give us challenges in the form of questions. The most frequent is... "Can I smoke weed if I'm a Christian?" or "Well didn't God make all plants?" or "Does it say any where in the Bible that you can't smoke weed?"

Several of you wondered what our response is, so I thought I would give you a sample of a conversation I had with a girl named Mocha.

Mocha: So since you've read the whole entire Bible, does it say anywhere in there that you can't smoke weed?

Me: No. [I had not claimed to have read the entire Bible, but I have so I answered with confidence.]

Mocha: So do you smoke weed?

Me: No.

Mocha: Why not?

Me: Because the Bible says that all believers are temples of God. If God is dwelling in me I want to take good care of the body that He has given me and is now dwelling inside of.

Admittedly this is a very simple answer and it was purposely so. More in depth reasons could have been given, and more scriptures could have been quoted. I know each of us (trainees) have given slightly different answers that were all true. It depends on who you are talking to, what the context is, and how well they grasp the terminology you're using. To me, this is the foundational reason why I personally don't smoke weed. You could further expound by asking them what they get out of smoking weed, and point out how self-centered the reasons are. As Christians we understand that it simply does not bring glory to God.

Now I'm curious. What would you say?

And by the way, I got to talk to Mocha again today. She let me speak to her some more but basically told me I was wasting my time. She asked some more good questions that gave room for me to share more, but I tried to convey that I don't have all the answers but I know the one Who does. She needs Jesus, not intellectual peace in just being proved to that God exists. "Even the demons believe and tremble". Please pray for her. She has pretty much accepted my offer of friendship and is not hard-natured in responding to what I say. I know God can convict her of her sin as well.


4 Reflections:

Sweetpea said...

I would have said the exact same thing. I also would have said: "God also made plants that are poisonis too."
A lot more comes to mind, but that is the main thing! :)
God bless and I will be praying for this girl and you.

BKM said...

Great post, Kay! A lot of times it seems that we can believe in God w/out preparing to give answer for our faith (& convictions), but when the battle comes & it's time to defend ourselves (which may, in fact, be the only oppurtunity to reach someone w/ the love of Christ) that's when choice words are priceless (like you said earlier, to be "filled w/ the Spirit" :). I find it difficult MANY times to convey the Gospel w/ clarity and words that are the Spirit's and not mine. (No, my Sunday School kids haven't mentioned weed as of yet, but you get the pic). It's like @ work the other day, a landowner called w/ questions concerning our contract and about mid-way through asked, "So why should I sign w/ your company???". Kind of made me think about if a similar question was asked about my faith, "So why should I accept Jesus???". Yeah, my prayers are w/ you, Kaylene - we all miss you! Keep fighting the good fight!!!!

Sister in Christ, BKM :)

P.S. Praying for Mocha too, and all there.
P.S. squared. Sorry, I ramble! :()

Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds said...

What a great opportunity you have to see God at work! When I've talked with girls at the Crisis Pregnancy Clinic I've sometimes shared the verse that speaks of not getting drunk with wine--because that's wasteful, but instead we're to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We're not to let ourselves be controlled by anything in the world (alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, emotions, money, food, etc)--but only by the love of Christ. I think what you shared was excellent!


Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaylene!
That was a great post. I agree totally with what you said. I actually would have used the same kind of statement. I may have added about how the Bible says we are not to be controlled with the things of this world, (like addictions)but I agree that sometimes it helps to keep things simple. So so so so so many teens today come to church, and are "christians" but cannot defend their faith at all. I think it is really sad that sometimes we are so concerned with "getting them saved" that we forget we need to disciple them so that they can share with others. I am praying for you, and so is all my siblings. I will be praying for Mocha too.

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