I Don't Know What to Call This Post

Forewarning: New paragraph means new subject completely.

I'm sick of being sick. Everything but my ears is dripping. But today, I'm actually feeling SO much better than I have since Friday. So praise the Lord for that.

Thanks, thanks, THANKS for the feedback on the last post/poll. I actually haven't fully decided yet, but I'm leaning towards sticking with Face Value. It was almost 50/50 as far the poll went. Plus I got some thoughtful feedback through other avenues and your thoughts definitely played into swaying me one direction or another. If only all of life's quandaries where this insignificant . I don't know, maybe I should post a poll next time I'm wondering where to move next.

Back before I came up here for the training, I wasn't just busy packing. I was helping a friend who lives in Malawi, Africa (though at the time was with family for Christmas, in my neck of the woods). We were setting up a web site for the very reason that he is in Malawi right now. His boss, James Nyondo, a Christian man, is running for president of Malawi. He needed a campaign web site. Silly me was pretty eager to use her computer savvy for a bigger cause than her own, and wanted to learn more about the process of web building anyways. So I dived in. We dived in. Only to discover I knew nothing of what I was doing. Through time, sweat, desperate pleas for help--Thanks Kaysie, Josh, Tobin, cousin Jesse, and others!!!-- and many an answered prayer, it actually came together and it. was. fun! Why am I finally getting around to telling you this? Well it was launched this last week, and just thought I'd put a little plug here for www.jamesnyondo09.com in case you planned on voting in the Malawian elections this year, OR if you just wanted to check out the website and be in prayer for him and my friend. Please pray that God would have His will done concerning the campaign and that if its His will for Mr. Nyondo to go "all the way" that He would miraculously provide the funds needed. Pray also that whatever place in leadership Mr. Nyondo serves in, that he would never miss an opportunity to share the gospel and that God would give him boldness in that.

Did you know there is music at the bottom of this page? Yeppers. But you have to tell it to play, because if you're like me, sometimes those automatic players mess with what you're already listening to. Just thought I'd let you know that its there.

Ok, next post will be more update-ish than this one.

Good bye.

PS... Last night I was watching the movie"Out of Africa" while chatting with the friend who is "in Africa". What? why am I the only one who thinks this is funny? I was also chatting with a friend who is wanting to go to the very place in Africa that the movie was about, this summer. Ironic right? Well I thought it was interesting. ;-) If nothing else, I hope you realize how significant it was that I was chatting with two people and watching a movie.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating! I enjoyed reading it! I am sorry you are not (were not) feeling well. I am still praying for you! Oh, and I can't wait to get that group pic we took sometime. I like your little P.S. it is like being in person, talking to you again. (not that you are always random or anything.) I hope that you continue to do well. Oh, our dog had puppies! I will have to send you pictures soon!

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