Week 1- Discipleship Training

This week held a lot.

Street witnessing, construction work, classroom time, Bible study and memorization, and fun times hanging out with classmates and my grandparents.

The street witnessing opened my eyes and heart to reach 1. my generation who has been brainwashed to believe that truth doesn't exist and 2. those who haven't had the same blessing of a secure and godly home life.

Construction work was fun. We're helping a man from the church put some finishing touches on his house he's building. My job was to apply expanding foam (insulation) in the cracks around the windows. Some of the yellow foam is still stuck to my fingers. :-)

I've learned an incredible amount about God's Word and about Him. Judging from the first week, I am really anticipating Him working in my life in deep ways these next few months, as I learn about Him and learn to love Him.

Sam, TJ, and Alexis are the names of the great people who are taking this training with me. Their hearts for the Lord are an encouragement to me and I'm excited to see the Lord working in their lives as well. We really have fun hanging out together-- we're working on being purposeful with our time. :-) They all have incredibly fun personalities.

Yesterday we looked into some volunteer opportunities here locally. I'm looking forward to see what comes of that. That may be something good to post on in the future.

A big hello to everybody back at home and thanks for the emails and prayers!
caption: my classmates (and TJ is also my cousin)
caption: my grandparents' home where I'm staying.


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Lizzy said...

Hi Kk,

No one else has commented, so I thought I would.

Love ya, and miss ya,


Sweetpea said...

Wow! Sounds like you are keeping busy! That yellow foam stuff is sure fun to work with!Hehe.
Your grandparents house is beautiful!! Wow!
So what kind of classes are you taking? I missed that somewhere...
Anyway, Praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you Kaylene! Your grandmother's house is pretty!


Kaylene said...

thanks gals.

Kathryn, I'm taking a ministry training. we are studying God's word, writing it on the "tablets of our heart" and doing evangelism on the streets, door-to-door and traveling to other cities to do the same. I'm growing so much through the challenges I've been blessed with thus far.

Hope everybody is doing great!! Thanks so much for the prayers. God is providing for my every need!

Kelci Sell said...

I am really glad your enjoying yourself...and it looks like you have great classmates!

Keep us posted...love!

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is so worth it! I would love an opportunity like that.

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