Made It

I'm here.

One of the first things I noticed from the plane when I arriving, was that I could hardly see the ground for the trees. And there was bodies of water everywhere. I've visited here before, but I seemed to notice this in a new way, thinking of the terrain I was used to, and comparing it to the terrain I'll be in for the next few months.

Both flights were uneventful and quite enjoyable for the most part. Except...I didn't care to wake the person next to me to use the lavatory while in flight, so I waited. Yes, this is relevant, because something got me to laughing in the airport bathroom , right after I landed. The flusher handle was green. I laugh easily. There were words on the toilet claiming that their toilets used less water when flushed (with the green flusher). I was reminded that this is not just a land full of trees, but a land full of people who hug them. Some of my Texas Homies may not understand what flushing and trees have to do with each other. Lets just say its a mindset and to some its more political than anything. :)

Oh, and my guitar! Its here with me! I fretted about not being allowed to take it on as a carry-on (and I was a-feared for it, and wouldn't check it). By the Airlines' carry-on limits listed on their site, my guitar was too tall. Thankfully, the only person who even commented on it was the guy at security. He said he wouldn't put it through the x-ray machine and let me be on my way, until I played him a tune. "Normal procedure for musicians who fly" he said. Thankfully my strings were loosened and I had a better excuse than "I don't even know how to play this instrument that I'm insisting on taking with me wherever I go."

I'm currently here in my snug-as-bug-in-rug room that my Grandma had completely ready for occupation. I love it and am going to enjoy being here and studying in this lovely room. I'm being spoiled already.

Classes start tomorrow!


10 Reflections:

Laura said...

I'm so glad you're there and settled; I hope to see that snug-as-bug-in-rug room someday.

No doubt you made somebody's day ... as they wondered if all Texan girls walk into airport bathroom stalls and laugh hysterically.

You "fretted" about not being allowed to carry your guitar? Haha, very punny. :)

Looking forward to your new profile pic of your arms wrapped around a tree.

Larissa said...

I hope your classes are everything hoped and more...praying for you.

Brianna said...

I'm glad your guitar got through... :-)

I hope your classes go well! Mine start next week (21st). Break went toooooo quickly!!


Lizzy said...

glad your there Kk, can't wait until you get back. I thought about you ALL Saturday.

Love you,


Lizzy said...

Oh yeah, I like you new blog, and really like the green.

BKM said...

Yay! You made it! Been thinking about you and praying for you often.

Oh, wow! Kind of forgot about the difference in landscape (talk about "culture shock" :), but please, no hugging the trees!

Will try to write soon! Love you lots, Sister in Christ, BKM :)

BKM said...

P.S. Glad to hear that your guitar made it too :) (safe and sound)

Did the guy @ the airport really ask you to play a tune???? (my, my, what strange new policies the airport has added to their security checks! :)


Sweetpea said...

I can totally understand what you mean by wanting to take your guitar with you everywhere! I was exactly the same way with mine! Haha!
The guy really asked you to play a tune??? Thats just funny!
Good greif! 'Going Green' toilets now! That makes me sick! To bad people worship trees now than God! What on earth does toilet water have to do with trees? Brother.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaylene! I am so glad that you are there safe and sound! I prayed for you several times on Saturday, and I am continuing to do so.
That is really funny about your guitar, and about the "green" toilets! Yes, please don't go around hugging trees!


Kelci Sell said...

I agree with Laura pictures would be nice. (-: especially since we all know you have a camera. (-: and are quite good at using it!

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