A New Year for Learning

As 2009 begins I keep thinking of the many different things I'm interested in and wonder if or when I'll ever study them.

I want to learn more about taking pictures. I want to learn more about delivering babies. (midwifery). I want to learn more about speaking the Spanish language. I want to learn more about designing web pages.
I want to learn more about playing the guitar. The list goes on. But more than anything, I want to learn more about Jesus. I want to learn more about living for Him.

I'm thankful that in so many of these areas, God has and continues to provide avenues for me to learn them. Sometimes its less than what some would call official "training", but hopefully as years pass I'll become good at a one or two of these things and I can serve God through it. I'm thankful He accepts even my attempts at learning, as service to His name, if done for His sake.

I guess to sum things up, I'm just really excited thinking about all the possibilities for the New Year. Sometimes I laugh at myself, because I say I want to learn something but am far from ambitious when it comes right down to it. In fact, I haven't even made any of these things that I want to learn, New Year's resolution. We'll see how much I've studied by the end of the year. It could end up being an entirely different list!

Did ya'll make resolutions this year? Have you in the past?


4 Reflections:

Brianna said...

Hi Kaylene (I love your name by the way!),
Same here...more and more I'm seeing how much I have to learn...and it can get so overwhelming! I'm so glad that I don't have to rely on my own power to "do the right thing..."
Thanks for your kind comment!
You have a beautiful blog too...I'll be back!!!

Kaylene said...

Thanks for your encouraging thoughts Brianna! Much appreciated! I'll be very happy for you to return again and again... I'm bookmarking your blog as well.

Elizabeth said...

I agree, my list seems endless as well. But I have made new years resolutions and have messed up with in the first week =). So I have given them up this year, and decided to leave my resolutions to God, after all He is the one that gives me the strength to carry them through and picks me up when I mess up. I love your post.

Kaylene said...

:) I know that feeling Beth. I think you're right about giving our resolutions to God. Its most important to take the opportunities He gives us, whether it was something we set out to do, or not. Love you!

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