Testimony Time

Last week I met and played with three great little boys for an evening. I met there mom in February while we were taking the Hospice volunteer training together. I loved her from the start and through some of the conversation we had during training I was led to give her a book that my mom had given me that was concerning autism, vaccines, and gluten-free dieting. (Yeah, they all have something to do with each-other. Read the book.) Two of her three boys (ages 4,5, and 8) had been diagnosed with Autism.

To make a longer story shorter, she read the book and decided to try the gluten-free diet with her boys. Its a daunting thought when you realize how much of what we eat has gluten/wheat in it. She bravely took the plunge, taking all three of her little boys off of gluten and at least the youngest off of dairy as well.

3 months later, the youngest is now talking whereas he wasn't before (Its my understanding that he wasn't talking at all, but I know that at least he says a lot more than he use to.) He makes eye contact and responded well to my instructions as his babysitter. I didn't meet him before, but according to his mom the diet has made a vast difference in this little boy's life. I'm truly praising the Lord for this! And if you can't tell, everything about how God has worked our friendship with this family, really excites me! I enjoyed my time with all three of the boys. We had fun together!

God is making obvious opportunities for me and I am so content. I feel enriched by the people God has placed in my life. I still don't feel like I'm doing enough and I sure hope I don't miss the boat and ignore any promptings to be His representative to others. THANK YOU JESUS FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN MY LIFE! This post... no... this entire blog... is dedicated to you.

PS... Melissa, if you happen to ever read this, thanks to you and your boys for being such a blessing in my life.


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Shieldmaiden said...

I am glad that you were able to reach out to a family in this way.
So many blindly go for the vaccines and stuff and then wonder why their children have problems!
I know that the vaccines did not help me or my sister or my mom. They made my sister sick as a baby and they still did not repell the Whooping cuagh for us even when we had boosters!
Anyway, just had to put this down!

Kaylene said...

Hey Shieldmaiden,
Obviously there is tons of controversy out there about the vaccines, and sadly stories like your family's are all too common. I sure don't have it all figured out, but I've definitely come to realize that there's no harm in research and I hope to have come to some definite conclusions by the time I'm deciding for my own kids someday.

Thanks for commenting!

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