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Imagine Rice Dream Original, 32 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)Ricedream is my milk of choice. 

Its what I grew up on, and when I say "I'm pouring a glass of milk" 
Rice milk is what I'm referring to.

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16 Reflections:

Melinda said...

No offense, but all that comes to mind is...Ew. :)

To each his own... haha!

Kate said...

Good stuff! I still prefer the good ol cow milk or goat milk. Straight from bulk tank. But I can't have dairy while I'm nursing Bridget. She doesn't handle it well. So Rice milk it is!:)

Kaylene said...

@Melinda no offense taken :D you're not the first to say so.

@Kate my family has done a lot with goat milk too. Allergies were the reason for being raised on these alternatives.

I don't really claim that it tastes like what others call "real" milk and can imagine it tastes very sweet and watery to those who were raised on cow's. But I like it :)

Eden said...

Rice Dream is my favorite milk too! My family and I are vegan so we drink "alternative" milks such as soy, almond, and rice milk. But I like rice milk the best. Actually, I think that's what I'll have for breakfast this morning. :-)

LeAnna said...

My sister was lactose intolerant growing up, so we drank our fair share of this! Ever tried Almond milk? It's a bit more pricey, but pretty tasty, too! I can enjoy a glass of vanilla rice milk (notice I didn't say I LOVE IT. Ha!) of all milk, I prefer good clean tasting goat milk. One day, I shall have my own milk goats.

Jen said...

My Dad, being a health crazy, tried to get us on Rice milk growing up, but he ended up only buying it for a few of us--the rest of us couldn't handle it. :) However, I WAS one of those who loved the vanilla!

I'm also a crazy for fresh goats milk--that stuff rocks my world. :)

Anonymous said...

Kaylene, sorry, but I must disagree. Potato is one of the best I've tried and is what I'll stick with.
Thanks for posting though.
~Amy K~

Scott said...

Rice milk??? I had no idea that there was such.
How does it classify as a "milk" if it comes from a grain?

Kaylene said...

@ Eden how great to know you are another rice milk lover!! we are rare I think :)

@ LeAnna I have tried almond milk. I think I remembered liking it, but we didn't have it that often for some reason. oh and we've done the milk goat thing if you ever want info. :)

@ Jen I love the Vanilla too, especially on cereal. I like goat milk ok, but its too much like cow's milk-- too creamy I guess. I know, weird, right?

@ Amy potato milk?? never had it! I love potato anything though, so now I want to try it!

@ Scott ok. you got me. on the carton it actually says rice "drink" not milk. but really, the only people who use it, are the ones who need a milk substitute, and it becomes their "milk". :) you got me to thinking about what classifies milk.... lol.

Scott said...

I am sorry you can't drink real milk, it is something that I couldn't live without. I will have to tell you about drinking goats milk in Russia, and Guatemala milk that you store on your shelf! Cudoes to you on being an adventurous milk drinker. :)

Kaylene said...

@ Scott, thankfully I can have some diary products now, but its weird, because I still prefer rice milk. Cheese tho, is another story. I love it and craved it when I couldn't have it.

My parents say we had boxed milk in Turkey (where I was born but don't remember anything about :P) is that the kind you're referring to? did it even taste good?

Scott said...

Yes this is what I am talking about. It is an acquired taste kind of thing, one it is room temperature and has a little bit of a cardboard box taste. Two it has a brown tint to it, and it sometimes had lumps. If your cereal is sweet enough you never notice it though. :)

Muthering Heights said...

My grandma used to drink that! While I prefer soymilk, I loooooooooooooooove Ricedream "ice cream!"

Kaylene said...

@ Scott that pretty much sounds disgusting, but I guess if its all you've got, its all you've got. :)

@Muthering Heights The icecream is the BEST! I never really felt deprived growing up because I couldn't have "real" icecream.

Eden said...

Hey what's up with the Rice Dream "ice cream"?! Never heard of that before but it sounds good. Please fill me in. :-)

Kaylene said...

Eden, Yes they make really good icecream with it. They sell it in cartons and have all different sorts of flavors (or at least used to??) chocolate chip mint, orange vanilla swirl, chocolate, vanilla and probably some others. I've also had their icecream sandwiches that have icecream squeezed inside of two oatmeal cookies and then dipped in chocolate. and they also have icecream bars dipped in carob or chocolate. yuuuuuuum, making myself hungry describing all of that :)

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