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Bible Reading Update 3.19.10
The Psalms were my food this week. I ate real food too, but it wasn't what really filled me up, you know? The Psalms speak of God's faithfulness and they are, quite literally, God's faithfulness to me as I read them. Read that again. God's word says He's faithful, and the very words that say it, prove it. I'm not sure I give the thought's relevance justice by how I wrote it, but I know that what I meant to say, is truly incredible. Only the Lord.
I also detoured from my reading in the New Testament and read Ruth. I love the story of Ruth and God's faithfulness to her. This song I heard this morning sums up what I really am dwelling on from Ruth's story, and what I'm trying to grasp about every day life.  "It may be unfulfilled . It may be unrestored, but when anything that's shattered is laid before the Lord ..." Listen here: Unredeemed" sung by Selah.
Its been lovely reading what ya'll are learning from the Lord. Forgive me for not leaving better record of the fact that I truly did read your post or comment. I've been a bad blogger/commentator.>spanks hand<
Love to all,


5 Reflections:

Anna said...

It is so neat to see your hunger and passion for the Word, Kaylene. It's contagious.

Kate said...

I've been struck by the OT's picture of a God that means business. So much of the current evangelism preaches only the love of God. I think people also need to know that God is RIGHTEOUS and JUST and a God to be FEARED, and MEANS what He says! Wow.
Makes me think that there is definitely some truth in the "Turn or burn" signs! :)

Renate said...

You are forgiven. :) It's pretty awesome that you started us off at all! Thank you for keeping on keeping on and for providing accountability...

I'm still reading, albeit a little here and there in between the uni work!

Thanks once again.


Jen said...

This was refreshing--I'm so glad you had "filling" bread this week. There's nothing like the Word, and what it does for your heart.
I started a Bible quest a couple years ago that I hope to start this're inspiring me to get it started earlier. :)

Sarah H said...

I am also in the book os Psalms and I have been so blessed. I will be sad when this ends


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