Graphic Content : Medical Personel Only

There are several contraindications for posting the following.

  • First of all, these are the first pictures I've posted since purchasing my new camera, and they lack the quality to adequately display the general amazingness of my new camera.
  • Thirdly, the graphic nature brought embarrassment and horror when the pictures were taken and will no doubt be the cause of it when viewed.
But for your "entertainment", (if you can call it that)  I will risk all. This is dedicated to my fellow EMTs. Viewer discretion is advised.
This is my sister and her friend Harold (Harry). The three of us were out to eat the other evening when the unthinkable happened.

I had just returned to our table from the ladies' room when I found Harry doing the universal sign for choking.

I quickly gathered my bearings --all of my training for Emergency Medical Work was filed in my brain for moments like this.

I didn't tell Harry that he was the first one I'd ever done the Heimlich maneuver on.

Harry is very small, but he is not a baby. So I was unsure of which procedure to perform. Thus the awkward hand positioning and worried expression. All of a sudden I realized we were dealing with syncope.
Soon we had a cardiac arrest on our hands.
I had my sister begin chest compressions as I prepared to do full blown CPR.

 compressions (again, different arm position than normally, to avoid trauma to his small body.) 
 He started vomiting so we moved him to the recovery position
At this point, I was really wishing for a suction device.

All seemed to be going ok. We were maintaining the airway, giving respirations, and he soon began to breath on his own again. 

He seemed to be making a speedy recovery. I kept checking on him and asking how he was feeling. One time, I looked over, and he was in the tripod position-- obviously struggling to breath.
Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. I may never be able to forgive myself for not being there at the right moment, to catch him. See, Harry started walking around, and fell right off the table. (Hypoxia can cause confusion because of lack of oxygen to the brain) I again rushed to his side, calling his name.
 I held C-spine until the medics arrived.

I'm relieved to be able to report that Harry lived through that potentially fatal day, with only slight brain damage. [He now believes he is a snowman].

Please forgive me. I couldn't resist. ;)


20 Reflections:

Mark said...

hmmm...... sounds like quite a day...

Kate said...

Hahaha!!!! You crack me up! Doesn't it feel great to save a life !?:)

Melinda said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! that is funny! :)

Jen said...

Hahahaha...ohmygreatgoodnessgracious. I needed that laugh today.
Thank you friend. ;)

I found your blog via Melinda and the Bible challenge, and I've verymuch enjoyed stopping by. I pray blessings on your trek through the Word--I did a Bible Quest in 90 days, and it was positively amazing. I hope to do it again sometime this year.

Anonymous said...

Kaylene! I am amazed he lived! You against such a small little guy!;) No it was great Amy and I loved it. How did Jolynn take all this though?

Anonymous said...

I really thought he was a goner there for moment. Whew!

Anyway, can he come out and play on this sunny day?

(great post, good thing I didn't have a beverage while reading.)

Scott said...

Are you sure you don't have to much free time on your hands?? jk with ya, that was GREAT!

Sarah H said...

Hehehe, even if you do have to much time on your hands, at least you use it to make us laugh. That was too good.

Kaylene said...


90 days? *gulp* wow. I want to try it sometime. let me know when you do it again.

Callie Nicole said...

Ha! That's so funny . . . I'm sorry, poor Harry's misfortune should not be amusing. :-)

Kathy said...

Kaylene, I'm SO glad you were there! What a lucky little guy! My son is also studying to become an EMT, so I am forwarding this to him, in hopes that it might help him to save someone's life someday!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

This is just what I needed right now. :)
I hope Harry is taking a long and relaxing break, sounds like he could use one. Make sure to be nearby though, just in case something else (like this) happens!

Renate said...


And don't worry about HIPAA. We won't tell on you and I'm sure Harry is feeling too grateful to you for saving his life to do anything like that either...

Re the Bible Reading Challenge - I'm still reading, although it hasn't been going very well recently. Adjusting to university has been hectic! Thank you for your prayers. (And for mentioning me in a post! :)


Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness! i hope the little guy continues to have a speady recovery...that was just not his day was it???? ;P
Great job Kaylene!

Anonymous said...

You know... after carefully inspecting these pictures, I believe you missed a critical injury... Harry seems to have paradoxical chest movement, possibly caused by improper placement of your ...ummmm... fingers during the Heimlich. Maybe his breathing would have gotten better had you fixed him with a bulky dressing taped down... but then again, maybe my diagnosing skills aren't quite up to par yet. Bravo, dear EMS provider!

Kaylene said...

LOL @ anonymous

yeah I think we definitely had some paradoxical chest movement going on. too bad you weren't there to help!

care to share a name and/or your EMS "rank"? I love meeting other EMS people-- we speak a language of our own. :)

Mikayla said...

haha... my name is Mikayla and I am currently an EMT-B. Right now, I plan on taking my advanced course this fall, and paramedic the year after. Yep... I don't know how I saw your blog- I think we must have a mutual friend somewhere- and had to comment on that post- it was sooo funny! What are you, and how long have you been doing it? (=

Kaylene said...

Mikayla, So nice to "meet" you! I am an EMT-B as well. I have definitely considered continuing on to Paramedic, but haven't yet. I've been an EMT for 2 years, but haven't run much. I live in rural America for one thing, so even when I was signed up for shifts, not much was happening. But what little I have, I've loved! I'm also a CNA and have worked in the hospital-- I really enjoy the medical scene.
Thanks for commenting! :)

Anonymous said...

I also live in rural America, but close enough to a big city for some good action (= I will probably begin working full-time in the next 1-2 months... it's a very busy place & I get to work many hours-about 80 per week between actual work & being on-call. I am super excited- love the medical scene too.
What town do you get to work in?

Kaylene said...

wow, thats a lotta hours! Fun-ness!
email me, I'll tell ya what town, since I don't say here on the blog- (kaylenelise@yahoo)I'd love to know where you're at too.

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