Reading the Bible in 6 Months

There's something I really want to avoid in making this challenge to my friends. And I keep thinking about it so I thought before I go on posting about reading the Bible in 6 months, I'd make a clarification.The goal in doing this, is not to be able to say “I've read the Bible in 6 months” or to become "super spiritual". Say you do successfully read the Bible in 6 months. Whooptie doo. Don't get too excited. Some of the most Bible literate people remain unsaved and cold-shouldered towards the will of God. I personally know most of you who have already agreed to join me, and I know this is not your heart. But I'm confessing here, its something that tried to creep into mine. Beware.

The months during and following reading the Bible through, were some of the toughest and humbling times of my life. It wasn't the amount I was reading. It was what I was reading and the life experiences God gave to reinforce what I was reading. Don't be fooled. The hardest part about this challenge is not making the time limit. Its fighting Satan as he tries to keep you from the Treasure of God's Word.

Then why should I? Why go through the trouble?
I'm not saying that everyone should. But these are the reasons why I found reading so much in a short time, to be such a helpful growing experience. I tend to skip around a lot in my Bible reading, which can be good at times, but through reading God's Word in context I saw so much I had never seen before! And as Laura said, there's nothing magical about reading it through in “6 months”. But having a time limit teaches discipline. If you're like me and daily wanting to know the Lord's will and how you should walk, the more you read the clearer you see the best set of directions for life ever written.
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And light unto my path."

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness."

Yeah, but thats a lot of reading.
You may struggle finding time in your day to read just one chapter a day, so some may ask, how in the world is reading more possible?
  • Plan Ahead- I recommend starting with ten chapters a day that way you've covered for the days when you really only have time for less than seven (the average amount to get it done in 6 months).
  • Calculate- If you're not convinced its doable or your discouraged, calculate how much time you spend on the internet, watching tv, or reading. Then compare that to how much time you spend in God's Word. Ask yourself, “Which is more important to me?”
  • Establish a habit- Let it become part of your normal routine. That way, when you go to bed at night, and you haven't done it, you know and feel something was missing from your day. But be careful, never let it become “just a habit” or simply part of your day. Don't make it “just a rule” to read certain amounts. We're not trying to put a guilt trip on ourselves. By establishing a habit we're only trying to condition or discipline our reading habits.
  • Pray- Before you begin, pray for understanding. Expect to hear from the Lord. Pray during and after. And listen to what He may be saying to you. Conversation with the Author is essential.
  • Meditate & Journal- as you read, or after you read write down what God's teaching you. Don't just rush on by. Since we're giving ourselves a time limit, its very important that we remember its ok to slow down and meditate. This is not a race-- We're trying to draw near and learn more of the Father!
  • Memorize- part of meditating, is memorization. If you're hungering and thirsting after righteousness then memorizing scripture is the best way. “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.”
Reading and all these things CAN BE DONE! IT IS POSSIBLE!
Spiritual warfare? Much. But more than conquerers are we, through Him that loved us.


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