Sweet Home Sweet

Yes, thats where I am. Finally! Last week, my brother Jeb and I took off on a 1,500 mile venture towards home. We made it in good time and 2 days later I left for a week to be "camp nurse" at Good News Camp. Now, I am resting up and enjoying being home.
This last week in my Bible reading I read about God's call on Abram's life. I thought long and hard about the following verse.
Genesis 12:2
"And I will make of thee a great nation,
and I will bless thee, and make thy name

great and thou shalt be a blessing...
The Lord impressed on my heart this week at camp, that the greatest blessing is to be a blessing. And the biggest way to be a blessing is by sharing--in word and deed-- the gospel of Jesus Christ. And no matter how the people around me define success-- my aim should be to honor my Father by serving others for the sake of the Gospel. There is no greater call. And there is no greater blessing. The challenge comes when we are faced with the temptation to become self-righteous in our service. We must pray that our motives are to bless people- not to impress them. And yes, I struggle with this, but I think the more unaware we are of the impact we have on people, the easier it is for God to use us. Be willing to remain the peon.

I look forward to catching up with so many peeps from here at home and around the area -- but dear friends who I've left many miles behind me, please do stay in touch!!


5 Reflections:

Anonymous said...

Except for the light and shadow problem on that pic, it really is a pretty good group picture! :) I had a great time seeing you again, and I wanted you to know that I noticed how patient you were, especially with (my cousin) that kept having to come to you again and again because "her elbow hurt". :)You were a great blessing to me, because I knew that you would be patient and kind with the girls, no matter how small the injury. Thank you so much for serving the Lord at camp! See you soon!


P.S. I totally agree with your entry. In fact, our sermon today at church was about how being a servant is such a huge blessing.

P.S.S. Oh, and it is GREAT to have you back! :) We missed you!

Melinda said...

so glad you are back home! and camp sounded fun! we need to talk sometime, it would be cool to see you!

Wow, it is so difficult to keep that lesson in focus, not try to impress others, but be a blessing. One of the things I pray each day is that God would bless me, so that I may be a blessing to others. of course, he already has blessed me abundantly!!

Anyway, thanks for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

It has been fun to follow your blog Kaylene - I am sure it must be nice to be back home! But be sure to remember us up North...we enjoyed you so much and wouldn't mind if you came back for a visit!

Sarah K

Kate said...

Isn't it nice to be HOME? :) Its true that there is no place like it!

How long are you going to be there? Are you going back to where you where?

Kaylene said...

Christin- Its easy to be nice when you're enjoying what you do :) It was fun to meet your cousins.

Melinda- your comments are always so encouraging <3

Sarah- I will never forget you!! Lord willing see you at September conference??

Kate- Its splendid to be home. I'm here for an undetermined amount of time. And there's a small bit of adventure in that fact. Who knows where I'll be weeks from now :)

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