Quick to Complain

Usually I am. But not today. I am SO blessed as am I everyday though I don't always acknowledge it. These are a few currently meaningful and special facts about my life.

--My car got fixed last week and is still running strong!

-- The sunset over the mountains last night was beautiful.

-- The Lord’s given me a fresh perspective on the book of Psalms

-- I have friends all over the world whom I dearly, dearly love.

--I often recieve timely encouraging letters with scripture and kind words.

-- Care packages from friends mean the world. (THANKS girls!)

--I am never bored.

-- I have hopes for a future that is complete in Christ.

--All my needs are always met.

--Challenges provide new perspective on my life and other people.

“May God not find the whine in us any more, but may He find us full of spiritual pluck and athleticism, ready to face anything He brings.” Oswald Chambers

Picture: January '09- Home with friends


4 Reflections:

Melinda said...

Thanks, Kaylene, I needed the reminder to be more grateful. It is so easy to be complaining!

And, I love sunsets over the mountains...and miss them too! :)

Love ya and miss you!

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to complain, you are right. Sounds like God has showered many blessings on you this week! Oh, and Bri has a funny look on her face in that picture. :)


Kate said...

Hi Kaylene! Good to hear from you!

I enjoy reading all your posts as well and love hearing how you're doing!

I can't remember, how long are you going to be.. um, okay so which state are you in right now? :)

(Forgive me, my memory is failing me at the moment! :))

Kaylene said...

Thanks for the comments girlies!

Kate, its undetermined at this point, how long I'll be up here (I haven't ever mentioned which state here on the blog :)) but the training is over mid-July. So I may be going home as soon as two months from now! Looking forward to it, though I am very glad I came here. Haven't regretted it once.

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