Memories From Mexico

Part 1

Last week my family returned from a seemingly short trip to beloved Mexico. For me, its beloved, because I was there for 2 months last year and formed many friendships and came to greatly appreciate the language and culture. I never dreamed I'd have the privilege of returning exactly one year later, to be greeted by their smiling faces and welcoming arms.

It was a joy that my family (all except for big sis Jolynn--this was the only sad part) was able to make it this time around. Especially as this was our last opportunity to visit my Aunt,Uncle, and cousins before they moved back up to the states.

Several months ago when we started praying about going to Mexico as a family, everything started to come together. Uncle Mike asked, that if we did end up coming, if we could bring a trailer to help bring some of their belongings back with us. In other words, could we help them move?

My brother Jeb, had just purchased a horse trailer, but we didn't have a vehicle to pull it with. As time passed and we continued praying God provided and we were able to purchase a suburban that we needed anyways, trip or no trip. I can't really express how excited I was getting at that point. It was starting to look like what had started as a far fetched idea might actually become reality. God works that way a lot. Why am I so surprised?

Its a long story filled with details as to how the Lord worked everything out, but we ended up having quite a load of things to take down to the church my Uncle was helping lead.. .Including 10,000 copies of the Bible books, John and Romans, for the church in Loreto to distribute in their evangelistic endeavors!

The day we left, our goal was a town in central TX where we used to live. We visited many friends there--some whom we hadn't seen in 6 years! Monday, a day later, we left for the border. Uncle Mike met us there and Tuesday we headed to central Mexico. (600 miles south of Del Rio).
The trip was mostly uneventful except for some "interesting" run-ins with the Mexican police. I guess the trailer drew their attention, but once they had us pulled over they were accusing of us speeding when we weren't. I guess its not that rare, (for them to falsely accuse) so thankfully my Uncle was able to just discuss things with them and talk them down to a few pesos. Funny story though, My uncle was in the process of telling us about some of his experiences with the cops. As he told the story, we got pulled over, and so he told the "policia" that he had just been telling his family how bad the cops were about pulling people over for stupid stuff. The guy handed him back his driver's license and sent us on our way.

To be continued...


2 Reflections:

Anonymous said...

like the new site! sounds like an amazing trip to Mexico! probably refreshed your spanish huh? Cya!


Kaylene said...

Yes, it did help refresh my Spanish! That was an exciting part of the trip for me. Glad you like the new site. Sorry I missed you while you were home for Thanksgiving.

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